December 16--Ernie wins BOB and Lotus takes WB and BOS over specials for another 3 points and her Canadian Championship at the Bouvier booster at the Auld Lang Syne show.

December 15-- Ernie wins another BOB and 3rd in the Herding Group.

December 14--Ernie winds BOB at the Auld Lang Syne show in Chilliwack.


October 8--Tytan picks up another point and Ernie wins BOB and 2nd in the Herding Group.

October 7--Tytan does it again with a BOW win for one more point.

October 6--Tytan (aka Aktiv's Tydal Wave) goes BOW and BOS at the Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers show in Cloverdale for his first 2 points.

JULY 2007

July 22--Ernie's first day out as an American special earns him a BOS over group placing specials!  What a weekend!

July 21--Ernie went BOW again from the Bred by Exhibitor class for a 4-point major to finish his American Championship at the Portland Kennel Club.

July 20--Ernie wins Best of Opposite Sex in the Sweepstakes at the Cascade Bouvier des Flandres Club specialty.

July 19--Ernie wins Best in Sweepstakes and BOW from the Bred by Exhibitor class for a 5-point major at the Cascade Bouvier des Flandres Club Specialty show in Portland, Oregon.

JUNE 2007

June--Lotus went to the Nanaimo Kennel Club shows and picked up two more points.

MAY 2007

May--Lotus went WB and BP for 2 more points at the Vancouver Island Dog Fanciers Show in Saanich.

APRIL 2007

April 15--Lotus went WB and BP for her first 2 points at the Rennaisance show in Chilliwack.

April 14--BC Bouvier des Flandres Club Specialty-Aktiv Bouviers had a very good day!  Ernie won the juvenile sweepstakes and Winners Dog.  Ernie is now officially finished his Canadian Championship.  Lotus (aka Aktiv's Life in Lotusland) got best opposite in the sweepstakes and BPISS.  Chance (Can. Am. Int. Ch. Aktiv's Dragon Lady) got Best Brood Matron.

April 6-8--Devin wins BPIG three days in a row and tops it off with a BPIS at the Kiwanis shows in Cloverdale.

MARCH 2007

March 25--Ernie earned two more points at Bremerton with a BOW win.

March 24--Ernie went to Bremerton and picked up his second 3-point major by taking Best of Breed over specials, again from the Bred by Exhibitor class!  Ernie also won the Bred by Exhibitor group competition for the herding group.

March 10--Ernie made his second trip to the US and picked up his first points--a 3-point major from the Bred by Exhibitor class at the Seattle Kennel Club show.


Devin (aka Aktiv Seismic Zone at Jenarae) began his show career at the Rennaissance shows in Chilliwack with two BP and a BOW for his first point.


Ernie completed his puppy show career with another BP and BPIG.
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