BIS Can. Am. Int. Ch. Aktiv's Nordic Wizard HIT
(Am. Can. Int. Ch. Aristes Latest Sizzle X Can. Ch. Aktiv's Nordic Soliloquy)
(20 Months)
Click on the photo to see Mojo's pedigree.
Mojo completed his American Championship in January, 2005 in three weekends with 4 majors from the Bred by Exhibitor class!  In March, 2005, Mojo completed his International Championship with 4 Herding Group wins, Best in Show, Reserve BIS, a Bred by Exhibitor BIS and a Bred by Exhibitor Reserve BIS.  In April, 2005, Mojo and I went to the Bouvier Club of Norther Califormia Specialty where he was awarded a Select.  And later the same month, Mojo completed his Canadian Championship with multiple BOW wins at the Canadian and BC Bouvier Clubs Specialties.
Click here to see Mojo's BIS photo
Click here to see Mojo's Canadian Championship photo
Breeder/Owner/Handler: Sylvi Holmsen
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